-Sections 189 and 196 of the Migration Act 1958  (Cth) are invalid in their application to children. The Commonwealth could adopt a scheme which is appropriate to deal with the special interests of children, but this does not mean that the only way for families to be kept together is for all of them to be kept in detention


-However you call it, it will make an impression.


What sort of sentiment is confusion?

You are moving everywhere
and gnashing your teeth to yourself.


-What is it to say “deep simplicity”?


-The irony in the lyric “luck of a Kennedy”. I mean after the assassination she married a man named Aristotle.


-‘An example of the influence of Roman legalism in religious thought is afforded by the history of the doctrine of atonement. Christ’s sacrifice is presented as the payment of legal satisfaction, either to devil (Augustine’s theory that God buys man from the devil by Christ’s death on the cross), or to God (Anselm’s view, based on Tertullian, Cyprian, and other western teachers), who has been defrauded and must be repaid; since the debt is too great for man to repay, Christ offers himself and thereby satisfies the claim, receiving forgiveness from God, and (since he needs it not himself) bestowing it on man.’


-For example, can this be correct? “That night, I saw him sitting on a rooftop, searching for Venus, reciting Brodsky to himself. He asked if his past existed at all.” On the one hand it is a perversity and on the other it is a forgiveness.


-The notion that Sir Garfield Barwick wrote poorly because he was trying to be absolutely correct.


-Yesterday, in the Newcastle Art Gallery I saw a painting called Thirroul 1988. In the top left hand corner there was a note about escaping. It was cliché and immature and the artist misspelt “anoymity”.

Later on I read this by Chesterton: “He was one of the great humanitarian French freethinkers; and the only thing wrong with them is that they make mercy even colder than justice.”


-Some of the girls don’t look at you before they check your I.D.