-You were told something like, ‘children have a human right,’ and then a short pause, you’re closer to the source of this voice, ‘to smoke cigarettes’, you think it is Meagher, ‘but only with filters.’ The train has stopped and that is going to be the last thing he says. The train is at Civic.


-A small animal that habitates the swamp near Beresfield tries to jump on a small swamp shrub. I suppose that is a rare thing.


-Does the world owe you anything? If it doesn’t then you need to accept it and do what you can. If it does how do you know when you get it. If it does and you don’t get it does it mean that the world still owes you something. If it means the world owes you something but it hasn’t owed you anything yet are you better to just go along with that but do what you can to accept it might not. How can you set up the best way to go about it all. If the world owes you something you probably need to understand why. If the world doesn’t owe you anything you probably need to understand why. If the world owes some people some things and other people no things than you probably need to understand why. 


-Here you have a fellow who used to devote himself to people like Gaddis and Cortazar. Now he has stuffed his page full of biblical references and bon mots of the Pope. It is pretty silly. I mean now he wouldn’t even hear a conversation. He would just be doing his prayers and thinking, “Well, I would like to go with you on Saturday but because I need to go to mass on Sunday I really must decline.” Really it is just too much. 


-You could argue in favour of television this way. First, television showing catfish was amusing. Secondly, documentaries are instructive. Thirdly, not all television is trash. Therefore, fourthly, television generally is acceptable. How did you get to that? 


-You could say it was an urgent tendency. She was spiritual only to an extent. She alienated a daughter. She was still a daughter to an extent. She used work heaps but that wasn’t the purpose.


You could almost tell the truth asleep;

(did it matter if your
elbows were pointing a
specific way? in
this the religious season?)

however, we
agreed after that we remembered
it differently.


-Sections 189 and 196 of the Migration Act 1958  (Cth) are invalid in their application to children. The Commonwealth could adopt a scheme which is appropriate to deal with the special interests of children, but this does not mean that the only way for families to be kept together is for all of them to be kept in detention


-However you call it, it will make an impression.


What sort of sentiment is confusion?

You are moving everywhere
and gnashing your teeth to yourself.